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Self-sufficiency in the technology market of oil, gas and petrochemical
Wednesday 19 December 2018
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Dr. Mehdi Shafiee, CEO of knowledge- based company, Atieh Pardazan Zohour Sharif, a high-tech equipment manufacturer in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, described the relationship between producers and investors as a way for Iran's self-sufficiency in this field. The action is being taken by the Vice-Chancellor to support the events of the oil and gas industry and petrochemicals market.

According to the Center for Information and Communication Technologies of the Presidential Office of Science and Technology, Dr. Mehdi Shafiei, CEO of Atieh Pardazan Sharif Company, said that with the proper management leading to self-sufficiency in this area, Atieh Pardazan Zahoor Sharif Company is the only producer of Rupture Disc in Iran, and due to the sensitivity of this piece in the petrochemical and refining industries, the technology used to produce this piece is fully in line with international standards and knowledge of the day.

He emphasized that the product can compete with similar products from European and American countries, "Now, our company, providing Safety equipment to the petrochemical and refineries industry, is a good alternative to similar foreign products," he said.

Self-sufficiency in the market for oil, gas and petrochemical technology - APZSharif News‚Äč

According to Shafiei, Iran's manufacturing products always need to be introduced and recognized that holding events such as the Oil and Gas Petroleum and Petrochemical Market is one of the opportunities for investors and potential customers to become acquainted with manufacturing companies and to introduce the ability of Iranian companies to build and transfer technology.

In addition to helping companies and emerging industries and industrial units introduce companies and technologies, he has exchanged and collaborated on creating new opportunities for domestic producers and craftsmen. As a result, new foundations for the activities of technology and innovation companies are created, and a clearer picture of the opportunities of the region facing the companies present in the event.