Atieh Pardazan Sharif (APZ)

New Chapter in Iran-the Netherlands Energy Cooperation
Saturday 03 June 2017
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Dutch companies have been extensively attending Iran's annual oil show for two years. Last year they signed several memorandums and contracts with Iranian companies in the presence of Dutch energy minister. They are now seeking to strike deals for gas extraction and petrochemical production in Iran. Pierre Bartholomeus, Director of PMG Advisory, a group of Dutch experts have been tasked by the Dutch Embassy in Tehran with removing banking obstacles so that new agreements would be signed.
The following is the full text of "Iran Petroleum "interview with Bartholomeus:
Q: How many Dutch companies are attending Iran's 22nd Oil and Gas Show? 
A: This year the Netherlands is present at this exhibition with 15 companies. Our main objective is to establish direct and long-term contacts with Iranian companies so that they could launch new businesses in cooperation with these companies.
Q: Dutch companies were strongly present at Iran Oil Show last year, too. What were the Oil Show's achievements for the Dutch companies?
A: Last year was very good for us because serious negotiations started for new oil projects in Iran. However, a delay is seen due to problems related to money transfer. Of course a group of Dutch experts have been tasked by the Dutch Embassy with resolving this problem as soon as possible, so that both new and old projects could become operational in the shortest possible time.
Q: What are the fields of specialty of companies present in the Dutch pavilion?
A: They are specialized in oil and gas, renewable energies and petrochemical production. They provide services such as equipment manufacturing, engineering and application of technology.
Q: Under its new framework of oil contracts, Iran's Ministry of Petroleum plans stress the partnership of Iranian and foreign companies and transfer of technology. What do Dutch companies plan to do?
A: This is the exact objective sought by the Dutch companies. We examine the Iranian market and envisage transfer of technical savvy and cooperation with Iranian companies in operating projects on a long-term basis. Throughout the Oil Show we have sought to arrange one-on-one talks between Iranian and Dutch companies so that problems and challenges would be resolved in favor of joint cooperation. The same companies that are present at the 22nd Oil Show will return to Iran in November for a meeting with Iranian companies about transfer of technology. Of course, there are some memorandums of understanding like the one signed between Dutch giant CPM and [Iran's] Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) that will be followed up on.
Q: During this year's Oil Show, you had talks with the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC). What has been the outcome? 
A: Such issues as smart fields, offshore services, enhanced and improved recovery, no flaring and gas refining were discussed and we hope they will end in practical cooperation. The point that helps distinguish Dutch firms from other European companies is the existence of a gas field in the north of the country. We are currently extracting gas from this field and we can transfer technology for extraction from such fields to Iran.
Q: It seems that the Dutch are specialized in deep water operation. Have you had any discussions on this issue with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)?
A: Negotiations have been held with Frames to build installations for subsea gas recovery. One of technologies that we have in this regard is that we can operate electricity and gas units jointly. In other words, electricity will be used for gas production through injection, while gas will be used for electricity generation.
Q: In the end, how do you assess Iran Oil Show?
A: I am happy with this exhibition and we hope that a larger space would be allotted to Dutch companies next year. The presence of Iran's deputy minister of petroleum and the Dutch ambassador in the inauguration of the Dutch pavilion indicate the determination of the two countries for joint cooperation in oil sector.



Courtesy of Iran Petroleum