Atieh Pardazan Sharif (APZ)

Meeting of Development of Market of Oil and Gas
Wednesday 10 October 2018
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According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, along with holding a series of specialized Q/A meetings for knowledge-based companies, the meeting of development of the market for knowledge-based companies in the area of oil and gas was held by the center of knowledge-based institutes and companies of the Vice-Presidency at the location of the Vice-Presidency in the presence of senior managers and representatives of the Vice-Presidency, Petroleum Engineering and Development Co., South Azadegan Project, National Gas Co., and South Pars Gas Company and active copanies including Atieh Pardazan Sharif (APZ Sharif).

In this specialized meeting, first, the active projects in the area of oil and gas were introduced, and the importance of method of cooperation with knowledge-based companies and domestication of required products were emphasized as the most important needs of the industry.

In another part of the meeting, ambiguities, criticisms, and recommendations of knowledge-based companies in the area of development of the market and sale of products in the area of oil and gas, including errors in laws, lack of necessity of using large contractors for domestic and knowledge-based products, challenges of acceptance of guarantees of research and technology funds, lack of defining proper domestic standards to sustain the quality of products and necessity of receiving foreign standards with high costs, were expressed and discussed.

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It is notable that the support programs designed by the Vice-Presidency in line with the development of the market for knowledge-based companies, including providing free specialized counseling in the area of marketing and market research and presence in tenders, providing quality assurance and liability insurance and product insurance to cover the risk of using high-risk knowledge-based products, cooperation with the national standard organization to present new standards for knowledge-based products (COC and COP), especially in cases where there is no desired standards in the country, were introduced.

According to this report, use of the mechanisms of the national gas technomart to create interactions between various sections of the national gas company of Iran and knowledge-based companies, preparedness of the research deputy of engineering and development of oil for accepting projects related to the prioritized areas of the company, method of acceptance of risk of use, testing knowledge-based products in production lines, and introducing the projects required by the South Pars Fifth Refinery (e.g., innovative projects for optimal use of energy and projects related to the environment) were among the topics covered in the meeting.